Van Niekerk Cieremans advocaten

Natasja Delfos

office manager

Natasja Delfos is our office manager and, together with Lidia Linssen, the first point of contact for clients. She ensures that work within the office runs efficiently and smoothly and is responsible for all organisational and secretarial matters.

Natasja has more than 25 years of experience in the legal profession, working both small and (medium) large law firms in the position of legal secretary / PA. Her career started as a secretary for the Arbitration Department at the Guarantee Institute for Housing in Rotterdam. After a period working at Schiphol, she moved to a small law firm and from there to medium-sized law firms in the center of Rotterdam and The Hague. She has worked as a secretary, ground stewardess, legal secretary / PA / German Desk.

Natasja joined our team in September 2018.